Get Your Feet Summer Ready

It’s almost that time again to wear those cute sandals and flip-flops. Summer is right around the corner, and that can only mean one thing. Get your feet summer ready! Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Take a foot bath

The best way to start off your pedicure session is with a foot bath. Soak your feet for 10-15 min in warm water with Epsom salts or essential oils. Taking a foot bath is not only very relaxing, it also has many health benefits to it.

2. Exfoliate your feet

Exfoliate your feet with a pumice stone or a foot file,to get rid of dead skin, focus especially on the heel and the balls of your feet. You can also use an exfoliating scrub specifically made for feet. After exfoliating your feet, they will feel very soft and smooth.

3. Trim and Shape your toenail

It’s time to fix your toenails and make them presentable for when the time comes to wear them in sandals and flip-flops. Cut your nails straight with a toenail clipper and file the edges, it’s not recommended but if needed you can file on your nail bed to get rid of some discoloration, do this only with a 180-grit file or higher. Don’t forget to clean under your toenails.

4. Paint your toenails

If you like you can paint your toenail, especially with the summer around the corner, choose a bright color. When painting your toenails, don’t forget to first apply a base coat to prevent staining on your nails, apply your choice of color and finish it off with a top coat. Nowadays, there are many different topcoats to choose from. You can choose a shiny topcoat, a math topcoat and many more.

5. Moisturize your feet

Don’t forget to moisturize your feet with a thick, creamy lotion that hydrates the skin. Shea butter or cocoa butter is a great lotion that helps to hydrate the skin.


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