Y2K Fashion: The New Summer Trend

What comes around, goes around, and so is the fashion from the late 90s and early 2000s. The new summer trend, ‘Y2K’ fashion, is all about making a bold statement. This trend was started back in the day by the pop culture and the technology advancements that were going on.

Normally, it takes more than two decades for a particular fashion era to come back in style, but this was just too good of a fashion era to wait too long for it to make its comeback. It started all on TikTok by the Gen Z and the millennials, and I ain’t mad at them if I have to be honest.

Back to the fashion style of Destiny’s Child, TLC, Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears. Shorts, tight clothes, crop tops, low rise bottoms, flared jeans and lots of bright colors & big accessories is what you will see this summer. Are you ready!

And one more thing, make styling a fun thing to do, don’t think too much about it. Fashion is supposed to be fun, be wild and have some fun with creating your own sense of fashion style.


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