Oil Cleansing Method | Skincare Comes Before A Beat Face

The skin is the largest organ on the body, it protects you from dirt, harsh chemicals, sun damage, cold weather, it helps to regulate your body temperature and much more. So, don’t take your skin for granted and take good care of it. To take good care of your skin we all know it’s important to watch your diet, because everything you ingest will eventually show on your skin, but that’s not the only way to take care of your skin, a great skin care routine is next in line.

Maintaining a skin care routine that works for you, is everything! A lot of skin problems can be solved with a great skin care routine that you create for yourself. Once you see your skin glow up you will enjoy watching yourself in the mirror without having to cringe about your reflection staring back at you.

A lot of us have the standard beauty products standing in our cabinets, I used to buy the cleaning wipes from ‘Nivea’, the ones for sensitive skin, to wipe my makeup and dirt off my face with, but what I noticed was that my face would become very dry & irritated after a few days and this would make me not to wear makeup until my skin cleared up again. And with a history of eczema and a lot of skin problems there is not much out there to use on my skin, without it being dry and irritated after a couple of usage.

Since I started my natural hair journey twelve years ago, I started to use more 100% natural oils for my hair, skin and just any type of beauty ritual, I noticed that using these oils would not only help my hair to glow up, but it would also help my skin to clear up. Back in the days our grandparents would use oils for a lot of things, and still to this day my grandparents, aunties & uncle’s use oils for many beauty rituals, so why do we become brainwashed with all the pricey beauty products that have no benefit to your skin accept a deceiving look and an empty wallet. A way to save your money and restore your skin is to do oil cleansing.

A way to save your money and restore your skin is to do oil cleansing. It may sound weird to clean your face with oil, but oil cleansing will definitely do miracles to your face, oil cleansing removes dirt, make up, pollution & harsh chemicals, especially if you have acne it is worth the try, a lot of people with acne have great results with oil cleansing.

There are many type of oils to use, and you can even mix oils together. Black castor oil, almond oil or coconut oil are some of the oils that you can use for oil cleanse, I suggest you do your own research on what type of oil you want to use and what works best for your skin.


How To Oil Cleanse

  • Wash your hands, make sure your hands are clean when you touch your face
  • Rub some oil gently on your dry face and massage it in for a minute
  • let the oil rest for a minute on your face
  • Wash your face with warm water using a soft washcloth, you have to rinse the cloth and repeat the process for a couple of times and remove all the makeup & dirt from your face
  • For the last wash, rinse the cloth with cold water and wash your face with it. This will close your pores.
  • Moisturize your face, I love to use vitamin E oil or argan oil

You will see that the oil cleanse method will remove all the makeup and dirt you have on your face better than those make up wipes will.


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