Black People Need Sunscreen Too

With the spring in full effect & the summer just right around the corner, it’s that time again to protect your skin from the sun, it’s time to use sunscreen! You’ve got to keep your skin protected from the sun, it doesn’t matter if your skin is white, yellow, black or in between, you still got to use sunscreen to protect your skin. So, for our melanated kings & queens, it’s time to get your bottle of sunscreen and slap that cream all over your exposed skin to the sun.

It is an assumption in the black community that we as black people don’t need sunscreen because we have enough melanin to protect us from the sun, that’s why we don’t burn as easily as people with far less melanin in their skin. But as far as I know, the sun still radiates UV rays, and up to this day these rays are still dangerous for the skin, it can cause skin aging, so you can say bye bye to your ‘black don’t crack’ or it can cause skin cancer. Please be wise and protect your skin from the sun.

A lot of black people don’t like to use sunscreen due to the white residue it leaves behind, making the skin look ashy, and you know how we black people are when it comes to our skin looking ashy. With a lot of black owned businesses rising up, luckily there are some business making sunscreen for black people too, such as Black Girl Sunscreen and Bolden Sunscreen. As long as you use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, you’re good.


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