How To Grow Your Edges Back

Edges, are those tiny, soft baby hair that grows along your hairline. We love to slick our edges down or hide them underneath braids, wigs & weaves, which causes a lot of pulling & tension on them, this is one of the most common reason why your edges starts to fall out. Edges are everything to us, meanwhile we forget to take good care of them.

Luckily, in most cases with a lot of love, care and patience you can grow your edges back, so that’s some good news! For your edges to grow back you have to leave them alone and follow some steps.

Let’s Grow Some Edges

  • First thing first, give your edges a break from all those tight ponytails, high buns, braids and all the different hairstyles that cause pulling & tension on your cuticles which lead to hair breakage. Just leave them edges alone!
  • Health issues can cause your hair to fall out, you need to see a medical physician to get the right the treatment, if needed.
  • Moisturize your edges! We tend to forget our edges when it comes to moisture, but by not moisturizing them, they become very dry and brittle which only leads to breakage. Don’t let gel & hair glue be the only moisture that touches your edges.
  • Massage your edges and around the nape gently with a good moisturizer or hair oils. There are different oils out there that give great results such as ‘Jamaican Black Castor Oil’, Argan Oil, Black Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and the list goes on.
  • Take in the right nutrition. Whatever you consume will eventually show on every part of your body, including your hair. Take a look at your diet and if it’s needed to make some changes for the better, at the end of the day it will only benefit you in your health.
  • Do not stress about it, this also a major cause for hair loss, and now is not the time to stress about the edges that are long gone. Try to not focus so much on the process, just be positive, live your life & follow these steps.
  • Take in vitamins. Beside a healthy diet, you can add supplements that stimulates hair growth, such as biotin, vitamin A, vitamin D, and so on
  • Exercise, we all know that it’s good for your body, so, thus your hair. When you exercise, this increase the blood flow and circulation throughout your body. An increase of blood flow allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach the scalp.
  • Sleep with a bonnet and protect your edges with a satin scarf. Friction of your hair on your pillow will only lead to breakage, so please protect your hair while sleeping.


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