Do You Know Your Worth & Do You Value Yourself?

Know your worth and don’t you ever compromise or settle for less! If you don’t know what your worth is yet, it’s time to find out and see the value in yourself before going further in life.

Knowing who you are and what you deserve in life is very important, also how, and to whom you spend your time and attention to is very important. Don’t let anybody fool you, that this subject about knowing your worth and who you are is not a precious thing to obtain in life. This is the first thing you need to do before you go further in life.

Not knowing your self-worth, can lead you to end up in bad situations, such as bad relationships that can end up abusive or even become deadly. Dealing with friends & family who don’t want anything good coming your way, staying in bad working environments where you know you can’t grow financially.
Every time that you choose to stay in a situation where you’re not being valued by your worth, just know it’s a dead end for your future. Don’t think by staying in a bad situation that it will improve or get better in the future, you will only delay your blessings to come your way.

Not knowing what you’re worth & how to value yourselves, is not something to be ashamed off, or to shame others because they clearly don’t know where to find it. Many people are walking with their crowns dragging behind them, instead of picking it up and crowning themselves with it.

For many people, knowing their self-worth and how to value themselves is a learning process, so don’t worry if you’re not there yet, but you have to at least start the process. There isn’t a step-by-step list that you must follow to get there, but there is a lot of advice out there on what you can do to increase your self-worth & your value.

How To Know your Worth And Value

  • My first advice, which you don’t need to follow, is to find God. Get into a personal relationship with the Most High, The Creator of all things, He will show you who you are and that you are so much more than what you see in yourself. Pray and read your bible to get an one-on-one relationship with Him.
  • Get rid of toxic people out of your inner circle, your toxic friends, family members and maybe even a toxic boyfriend or spouse, they really need to go. It doesn’t mean you need to have hatred towards them, or part ways of fighting. They are just not allowed into your personal life & space anymore, they don’t need to know what your plans and goals in life are anymore. If it’s not possible for you to leave right away, start making plans on your exit, and keep your personal plans to yourself.
  • Start listening to motivational videos and audio-books, and read self-help books. Reading is knowledge, and to have self-worth you need to start with having some knowledge. Open up your mindset, you may be stuck in a little box thinking that’s what life is supposed to be. Just by changing your mindset, your view on life will also change.
  • Exercise, take long walks or go to the gym. It’s important to relieve yourself from all the toxic and negative energy that’s harboring in your body.
  • Set goals in your life. By setting goals in your life you are living towards something, you have something that you want to work hard for. When you’ve achieved your goals, you feel better about yourself, and you want to do more and better things, this will make your self-esteem grow.

You are precious & you are worthy! Don’t you ever think or feel less about yourself or let others dim your light or your confidence. Don’t put yourself in a box to fit in like everyone else, find yourself and stand in it.


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