Why You Need To Deep Condition

As beautiful as a head full of natural kinks, coils or curly hair is, it’s also the type of hair that doesn’t absorb nor retain moisture as well as straight hair does. As we all know by now, moisture is the uppermost important key for this type of hair and for its curl pattern to be defined.

When having the right hair regimen and using the right products for your hair it will definitely show through your hair. So, one of the products that you need to add to your hair regimen is a deep conditioner, this will give your hair that extra boost in moisture that it desperately needs. As for every product, you need to keep using it regularly for it to have effect.

Benefits of deep condition

  • It will penetrate the hair shaft and make the hair soft and smooth
  • It will bring back its natural shine to your hair
  • It prevents your hair to damage, when your hair is dry & brittle it’s bound to get split ends and your hair will eventually break off, and hair that keeps breaking off can’t retain length
  • When your hair is moisturized you have elasticity in your hair, this means ‘bouncy’ curls
  • It will keep your moisture levels in your hair balanced

Do your suffer from low porosity then you need to deep condition with heat this will give you the best results.

How to deep condition

  • Apply deep condition on wet & clean hair, make sure every strand is covered
  • Put a plastic cap or a plastic bag on
  • Let it sit for 30-45 minutes, or what the instructions recommends
  • Rinse out
  • Style as usual


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