4C Hair Is Very Beautiful

When natural hair became more popular over the years, it became clear that if you did not have anything that resemble a bit of a curl pattern, it was not pushed to the forefront. It was obvious that the type 3’s with the looser curl pattern became the face of the natural hair community, everywhere you looked having a curl pattern was being praised.

Those with a more coarse and thicker hair type were pushed to the back and got little to no attention, especially if they wore it in its natural state. You saw that more and more people with natural thick and coarse hair would often straighten their hair or wear wigs and braids, some even decided to go back to the ‘relaxers’. A lot of this had to do, with the expectation many people had about being ‘natural’, and following people with a totally different hair type but expecting the same results.

I think every hair type can be beautiful as long as you take care of it, and type 4C hair is very beautiful but doesn’t get as many attentions as the type 3’s does. To all those people who have very thick and coarse hair don’t give up on your beautiful hair by hiding it or by altering it by using relaxers, but instead showcase your hair everywhere you go, love it and take good care of it. If you didn’t have a role model to show you how to wear your natural thick hair, make sure you will be an example for the next generation to come.


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