Why You Should Sleep With A Bonnet

All the caring and loving you do on your hair is just a waste of time if you don’t protect your hair whilst sleeping. When having kinky, curly or coily hair its best to sleep with a silky or satin bonnet, you can also use a scarf or a satin or silky pillow case instead.

Sleeping with a bonnet or scarf protects your hair from getting dry and damaged. Your pillow will absorb all the moisture from your hair leaving you with more frizz in the morning. Also, if you want to retain your length it is important to cover your hair, the friction between your hair and your pillow will cause a lot of knots and split ends.

When sleeping with a head protection it’s important that it’s not too tight or rubbing against your hairline, this can put a lot of stress on your hair which eventually leads to hair breakage and hair loss.


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