Black Lives Also Matters

When we say ‘Black Lives Matters’, we’re not saying that we don’t care about all those other people who don’t resemble us, we are just saying that at this moment we really need help and attention to stop, how we as people are being treated and how easily our lives are being taken away from us without any repercussion for those who commit these crimes.

For century upon century we’ve gone through harsh and cruel racism at the hands of those that don’t look like us, we’ve seen so much horrible things happen to our people for generation upon generation, and still to this day we see, feel and go through that same pain. Some will never understand what we go through and might say we exaggerate every little thing or situation, but all of us can tell more than one story where we had this happen to us. But as we’ve always learned from our elders, we won’t let them defeat us, we will keep rising up.


For a long time we stood alone, fighting our own battles with no one to back us up. But now worldwide there is change happening, everywhere millions of people are rising up and being vocal about racism and standing beside us during this battle. Unfortunately and very sad to say that this had to happen because of the death of a man named ‘George Floyd’, his life was taken away due to police brutality.
It’s very sad to see, yet again, a black man’s life being cut short by police. Thankfully as of now all 4 cops are arrested and charged.

And just so you know, these riots and looting are not being done by these peaceful protester who really came out to protest, stand up and let their voice be heard against all this racism. A lot of people with bad intentions are using this protest as a masquerade to play out their evil plans.


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