Hair And its Different Types

Although everyone’s hair has the same materials in it, we all have different hair textures & types. Like I have stated in the previous post it’s because of the presence of sulfur bridges in hair that determines your hair texture.

Before we start with the different hair types, lets start with the 3 different basic textures that hair has, fine, medium or thick, also called coarse, these textures describes the thickness of each individual hair strand.

There are different hair types and these are categorized in 4 types.


Type 1 Straight Hair

If you have no curl or wave pattern to your hair, it’s obviously straight. People with straight hair tend to have more ‘oily´ hair because their natural oil (sebum) reaches the ends of their hair.

Type 1A

This type of hair is very straight and has a fine texture. This hair type has a lot of shine but lacks volume.

Type 1B

Type 1B has a medium texture and more volume to it.

Type 1C

This hair type is considered the thickest of the 3. Type 1B hair also has volume with a bit of bend.


Type 2A Wavey Hair

Type 2 hair is wavy with an S-pattern and some straight strands, this type of hair is not too dry or to too oily.

Type 2A

This type of hair is fine with some loose waves. The hair strands have a form of a C-shape when dry.

Type 2B

With type 2B hair your roots are mostly straight. Your hair has a more defined S-shaped wave to it.

Type 2C

Type 2C hair is the thickest hair in this category and is more prone to frizz. The waves start from the roots and the hair have a more defined S-shape wave to it, almost like a curl.

Type 3 Curly Hair

Type 3 hair is well-defined and the curls ranges from bigger loose curls to little tightly coils. This hair is prone to be frizzy because the natural oils don’t reach the ends of the hair strands.

Type 3A

Type 3A hair has bigger and looser curls. The hair is shiny and has a well-defined S-shape curl to it.

Type 3B

Type 3B hair is more voluminous, the curls are very springy and smaller than type 3A. This type of hair can be coarse or dense.

Type 3C

Type 3C hair is more curly-coily.
The hair tends to be dense and tightly packed together. This type of hair has a lot of textures but also the most shrinkage.

Type 4 Coily / Kinky Hair

Type 4 hair is coily, tightly curled and very fragile. This hair type looks very coarse but is actually very fine.

Type 4A

Type 4a has a lot of coils and mini curls. This hair has the least amount of shrinkage when stretching out.

Type 4B

Type 4B has a lot of tightly packed curls & coils that are Z-shaped. This hair type also has a lot of shrinkage.

Type 4C

This hair type has the least amount of definition and the highest level of shrinkage. The coils are very tight and close.


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